We are a small team that like to really get to know our clients so we can look for better ways to help you do all the boring stuff so that you can get on with the business of doing what you’re good at.

Meet the team:

Janice Hughes

Experience: There’s not much Janice hasn’t done. From GWD’s parts department as an inventory record-keeper, then the Wallacetown Garage, then she was an accounts clerk, then back to the Wallacetown Garage as part-owner doing the books in an actual book, old school-style. She’s now gone from being a self-employed Bookkeeper in her spare room in 2014 to having an office with three staff and three contract Accountants.  

Favourite TV programme: Grey’s Anatomy

Standard lunch order: It used to be a BLT or steak sandwich –  now it’s a plant-based salad and coffee.

Favourite number: 13 – she was born on a Black Friday.

Sarah Hunter

Sarah has worked in admin for over 18 years and is known as the sidekick for her ability to adapt to whatever situation she is thrown into.

Favourite TV programme: Neighbours  

Standard lunch order: Chicken pie and ice chocolate

Favourite number: 8 – her first nephew’s birthdate

Joanne Winslade

Joanne has worked in customer service for many years, 7 of those spent working for a finance company in the admin and customer call centre teams.

Favourite TV programme: The Block Australia

Standing lunch order: Hot chips and a Coke

Favourite number: 5 – her birthdate.


Neroli spent the last 7 years working in admin, using Xero, Payroll & Tradify programs. Previous to that she trained for 12 months as a Pharmacy Technician and 8 years prior to that as a Physio Assistant.

Favourite TV programme: Cooking Shows

Standing lunch order: Steak, cheese and bacon pie

Favourite number: 8

Troy and Michelle Crosbie

Troy and Michelle have been working in accounting for over 15 years and now work for themselves when they’re not home-schooling their daughter, Zara.

Favourite TV programme: Currently watching Revenge (Michelle likes it more than Troy.)

Standard lunch order: Michelle is all about the coffee – almond flat white. If they aren’t at Industry for coffee they hit up Koji for sushi and karaage chicken.

Favourite number:  31 –  Zara’s birthdate.